Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Wall

My creative projects have a very predictable arc. I begin with total excitement and enthusiasm, then get into the details and obsess to the point of ignoring basic things like clean laundry. Once I get to the bulk of the work, I start to lose interest and wonder if another project would be a better use of my time. And then I hit the first wall. If I can stay on course over the first wall, I will finish the project. If I get distracted, though, I may not finish for a long, long time, if ever.

I hit the first wall today.

I am truly enjoying the writing process. I love to keep coming up with ideas that might work in my screenplay. But I also find that I start to doubt the path I've taken and backtrack too easily. I start to wonder if another idea, another story line, another character would be better than what I have so far. And unfortunately, the doubt can paralyze my writing and mean the end of the project.

I am going to try to climb over the wall tomorrow. Rather than start from scratch with a different idea, I'm going to see this one through, for better or worse.  Then I'll be able to decide at the end of the month if it has become something worth reworking or if it is merely a goal accomplished and time to move to the next idea. A good friend reminded me yesterday that oftentimes the difference between writers and non-writers is the simple act of writing.

I'm sure I'm not the first to hit this wall, but it made me wonder if there's a specific day during Script Frenzy when the wall commonly shows up. Next time I'm procrastinating, I'll look it up online.

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