Friday, April 16, 2010

Halfway Pep Talk

I laughed when I read my latest email from the folks at Script Frenzy. Did Jennifer know from experience that so many others would be hitting a wall, or as she phrased it, "stall." She then gave 5 Stages of Script Frenzy (similar to the 7 Stages of Grief, but oh so different).  My abbreviated version is:
  1. Panic
  2. Stop panicking
  3. Recalculate pages per day
  4. Cancel all other plans
  5. Make one writing space change
Sounds like good advice to me. And I appreciated her additional note that, "This isn't rearrange-and-organize-your-desk month." Had she not written that, I would have found a way to spend a whole day or more reorganizing the entire office and not writing one word.

So thanks, Jennifer, for answering my last post without knowing about it. But now I have to find another way to procrastinate...

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