Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shut. Up.

I did it. I cannot believe that I finished my screenplay in 28 days. It certainly is not perfect, and I would like to rework about three scenes, but I hit the mark.

The kids were great as I tried to plow through the last twenty pages tonight. My daughter watched me type the last three pages. She was particularly interested in my pauses, and then finally asked me if I was making it up as I went. When I said yes, I think it dawned on her that this was my idea, not me writing down a movie I saw, but writing down something no one had done before. I was so touched when she decided to write this date in her Journal as a big event - so sweet.

My son is inspired, too, but he wants to know the details. He wants to know if they can see the movie once it is made. He wants to know who will buy the script. He wants to know everything about it. I wish I had answers for him. Maybe someday I will.

But for now, I am just thrilled that I finished. Thrilled and delighted.

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