Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Online Script Contests?

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While revising my screenplay, I've noticed a number of online script contests out there. In order to be considered, I must register and pay a fee. In some cases, the contest winners are promised a number of wonderful things, ranging from a guarantee of representation to a guarantee of exposure to top agencies, producers and directors.
Not to be cynical, but how many of these contests are worth the registration fee? If a screenplay is strong enough, can an unknown writer from Pittsburgh get the attention of the right people and start a path to a career, or are the odds of that closer to winning a PowerBall jackpot?
Here are some of the contests I've found so far:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So much to learn

I have been stuck in the Blog-bog and Twitter-verse for two days, reading all I can about writing. I found a few great blogs by writers and agents, then found them on Twitter and followed their thoughts and links. I have learned a great deal, but there is so much more to learn.

My most recent reading was of the "Konrath Effect" on I have to agree that the ability to publish at the instant an author wishes may not be for the best. Although I have not read any of Konrath's books, he seems to have the talent to back up his self-publishing drive. I look back at my first book, Crossroads, and I wince. Even after multiple edits, it still needs a lot of work! That's not to say that I am not proud of finishing it and rewriting it for years with an editor before finally throwing in the towel, but it SHOULD NOT BE PUBLISHED. Not in it's current state. Maybe not ever.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


There are days when I am lost in my screenplay, working through the scenes and trying to imagine sitting in the theater, watching as the characters play out my story. I drift through my day, not really focused on what is in front of me, but watching the screen in my head instead. Short bursts of action and how to describe them in the shortest possible sentences push me off balance and steal all of my energy.

Then I have days when I am ready to get back to the novel. I have long, flowing descriptions that stream out of my mind, ready to ripple effortlessly one after another after another.

Unfortunately, neither manage to make it into my computer.

My time is not my own. The demands of the family prevent me from running to the keyboard and typing for hours. So I am trying something new. I am trying to use the Evernote app to jot down these quick bursts of action and the rippling descriptions as I fold the laundry or dust the TV. I carry my phone most of the time anyway, so now I am going to try to pause to type a phrase or two instead of abandoning the mommy-job for the joy of writing. There has to be a way to do both! I will keep track this week and see how many times I am able to use Evernote and then continue with the task at hand...

Any other suggestions for iPhone apps that would help me write and live my life?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Red Pen

Revising my screenplay, yet again. I don't mind, though. There is something satisfying about using a good red pen and writing in the margins. It somehow seems like major progress, even if it isn't.

I'm not someone who needs to print everything I read, but for some reason, revising must take place on paper at least once in a project. Then I can get a spatial sense of the action, I can check the pace and the length of each section.

After editing this month, I'll start sending it out. I think my first step will be entering a contest or two. Any suggestions? I saw the Script Frenzy page has some, so I need to review their links. Love those guys - they really got me to finish an entire screenplay. Awesome.