Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Animals at the Zoo


Don't get me wrong - I love spending time with my daughter, and her class is wonderful this year - sweet girls and boys, great moms and dads, fantastic teacher. We certainly will be sad when the year ends next week.  But this was a very long day.

Just when I thought I was too tired to make it all the way to the penguins, we saw a sleeping bear. At least we hoped he was asleep.

One mother actually started to worry because the bear's chest was not moving up and down. Then a bird landed near his head, and he did lift it slightly, shake, and go right back down. We came to the conclusion that this bear was depressed and in need of something other than screaming 1st graders trying to wake him.

Then we made our way to the Spectacled bear who was happily chomping on a large bone. What a difference! Instead of feeling sorry for him, we thought he was living the good life and enjoying it thoroughly. Even the kids changed their tone and didn't yell at him as much as they exclaimed, "Look what he's eating!"

(This is the part where I bring this seemingly off-the-wall post about bears back to my writing...) The contrast between the two bears made me think about my own life, especially since April 1st. Am I saying that I was that sleeping bear, only looking up when I had to, plodding along without much energy or enthusiasm? Not exactly. But I must say that when I started writing again in April, everything changed. I have weekly, daily, even hourly goals, all leading me back to my laptop so I can type out my ideas. This is the most energy I have had in months, maybe (gasp) years.

So my wish for you, as I try to get the kids to come inside and get ready for bed, is that you live your life like the Spectacled bear. Unless you're a vegetarian. Oh, you know what I mean...

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