Friday, June 4, 2010

Never Satisfied

After my last post, I decided to enter the Austin Film Festival screenplay contest. It's a long shot, to say the least, but I believe in my story and I hope that comes across in the pages I submitted.

Now that there has been some time to slow down and re-read, I am not sure that I did enough to make it great. I keep finding little things, things that bother me, about some word choices. So I'm revising again, trying to make it better before sending it off to Competition #2.

Then late last night, I had a daydream while trying to fall asleep. I don't know what else to call it - I wasn't exactly asleep, because I could make choices in what I was "seeing," but I wasn't completely awake because I couldn't stop the story even though it was not a pleasant dream. And now I have the outline for Screenplay #3. (Screenplay #2 came to me in the middle of Between Souls...)

So I was thinking more about it this morning, and the end result is that I'm happy that I am never satisfied with one story or even one version of a story. I hope that this endless need to keep writing and revising, and then writing more means that I am where I should be - tied to my laptop, not even looking at the keyboard as the words flow out of my head and onto the screen. Only time will tell.

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