Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thinking About... New Yorker Article

Laura Miller wrote a detailed piece in The New Yorker about current dystopian books for middle grade (MG) and young adult (YA) readers, comparing the new releases with the classic adult versions. But the section that caught my eye was not about the stories, but about the writers:

It somehow fits the paranoid spirit of these novels that adults are the ones who write them, publish them, stock them in stores and libraries, assign them in classes, and decide which ones win prizes. (Most of the reader reviews posted online seem to be written by adults as well.) But kids do read the books, and some of them will surely grow up to write dystopian tales of their own, incited by technologies or social trends we have yet to conceive. (Read original article)

So are the adults who are writing these nightmarish tales of futures we must avoid simply remembering their own fears and updating them? Or are they truly tapped into the current teen psyche and able to fulfill a need for their readers?

Here are a few of the titles I plan to add to my reading list this summer:
This list should keep me busy. Oh, and I found the New Yorker article thanks to a recommendation from Nathan Bransford's blog.

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