Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mystery Readers Rock

My experiment is not complete, but I am thoroughly enjoying the reviews my Mystery Readers are providing! I received three reviews of the screenplay, and all were very thorough and contained thoughtful suggestions for improvement. I already knew that the high schoolers I chose were good students, but their comments made me realize that they are producing college-level work already. Very impressive!

Overall, the reviews have been very positive. The story entertained them, there weren't any glaring holes or discrepancies, and they finished it wanting more. That leads to my latest dilemma - wanting more is good, but wanting too much more means the story isn't full enough. I plan to keep revising as I review my Mystery Reader comments, and as I do, I'll continue to keep in mind the balance between telling a complete story and leaving the view wanting the sequel.

But here is my question - how do you know when wanting more is enough? I've been trying to think of other movies that leaving you wanting more in a satisfying, yet urgent way. Any ideas?

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