Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I discovered something very interesting just now. I was looking through past posts in my google reader from blogs I follow, and I found one that I wanted to reference. When I clicked the link to get the exact address, I received an error that the page did not exist on that blog.


So I went back to the reader to confirm, and there it was. But it's not on the blog. This means the author must have decided against including that post and deleted.

But I still have it.

Similar to the old "if a tree falls in the woods" story, if a blogger writes and publishes a post, and then deletes it, is it really gone? Not if it was published and then picked up by feeds and sent along the way to inboxes, apparently.

Along those same lines, I think that our idea of time has changed. Our lives can change so quickly with instant notifications. News is spread faster than ever - good, bad, gossip, truth. But along with that is the fact that what we write in this cloud of html stays out there forever. There is no piece of paper to shred, no file folder to throw away. We can try to delete all we want, but the right search phrase can bring it back to life in an instant. So now has become smaller than a pinpoint in time, and forever is truly, well, forever.

I sometimes wonder why it takes me so long to publish even the simplest post. I guess it's because the UNDO button is a lie - after a certain point, nothing can truly be undone. So I review, and rethink, and rewrite ... until I'm comfortable with forever.

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