Friday, September 3, 2010

No More Excuses

I've been telling myself that it's ok not to update this blog because I'm waiting to hear from the Austin Film Festival contest (not really - don't think I will be hearing from them) and the Script-a-thon (slight maybe - I keep checking their website, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up). But now the Script-a-thon has changed notification to September 20th and there's no news from Austin, so I'm out of excuses. I need to get back to writing.

I've been making mental notes on a wide variety of projects, but nothing has grabbed me yet. So I'm going to try an experiment starting next Tuesday - the first day of school for my crew. I'm not sure exactly how it's going to work, but I hope it will keep me writing and keep you somewhat entertained while we wait. If it works, I'll explain next week.

I thought August would be a long, wonderful escape from writing. I would take a break, enjoy some new books, and not worry about writing until September 7th. But I miss it. Desperately. So that tells me two things:
  1. I need to write every week, if not every day, to feel at peace.
  2. School needs to start BEFORE Labor Day next year.
That said, here's the list of books I've read since my last post. Not nearly as many as on vacation, but significant considering I only managed to finish 3 from January-July.
Enjoy your holiday weekend. I'll try to stop counting the hours until 8AM Tuesday...

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