Monday, October 25, 2010

New Playlist Songs

[Side note -  The Austin Film Festival is in full swing right now. Back when I entered their contest, I put the festival on my calendar, just in case. I had a good giggle when I realized that was why my weekend was full when I was planning our activities on Friday. Such wishful thinking - maybe next year...]

I am getting back in the zone. November is almost here, and all I can think about is my book. I was doing research all weekend (by research, I mean searching YouTube and Netflix on the Wii after the kids went to bed for clips from old TV shows and movies that reminded me of my characters) and I stumbled upon an acoustic version of the 30 Seconds to Mars song, The Kill (Bury Me). (I'll post the long, roundabout story of my moments of serendipity associated with this song at the end if you feel like reading that far.) I've played it over and over, instantly knowing that it will become a part of the new soundtrack for my writing.

As I add/subtract songs, I'll keep the playlist window at the bottom updated. I know this version of Between Souls is going to be more complicated than the movie. I think that I need to explore more of the back story for Richard and Bryan - especially Bryan. He is so deeply connected to Lucie, and he doesn't develop much in the screenplay. So there will be a few new songs specifically for him.

Believe it or not, I have a new song that is part of Grammy's soundtrack now (Grammy in the book, not my mother). It's going to seem very strange, but the song is Dog Days are Over by Florence and the Machine. Her video is odd, as is the older video you can watch on her website, but my favorite version is the performance she gave at the MTV VMAs this year. Very Grammy-in-her-prime, and worth watching.

Now for the serendipity...
I was trying to connect with the main boys in the book - Richard and Brian. I wanted to make them both desirable, for Lucie and for the reader, but keep them very different. And I was getting nowhere. So I decided to look up some old favorites on Netflix. I got sidetracked, though, and ended up watching When in Rome with Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel. Ugh. Don't go there.

Not feeling satisfied with my Netflix experience, I decided to go to YouTube for help the next day. I looked up that 90s classic, My So-Called Life. I never actually watched the show when it was on, but I had seen a few repeats years ago and thought it was a great example of high school relationships. I had no idea it had only been on TV for one season. It was exactly what I needed, and it got me to think past the shells of Brian and Richard. 

The lead crush, the boy that is the object of our desire in the show, is Jared Leto. These days, he's better known as the lead singer in 30 Seconds to Mars (starting to see the connection?), but back then he was "Jordan Catalano."  I barely watched the show, but even I knew that name. That's what my book needed - a Jordan Catalano.

I keep searching and decided to check out 30 Seconds to Mars (30STM), found the song I listed above, and played it a few times until it turned into Brian's song. Intrigued, I decided to see if 30STM would be in Pittsburgh any time soon. I thought it would be fun to see this new inspiration in person.

They were in Pittsburgh for a show THAT SAME NIGHT. 


I was bummed that I couldn't go, but I thought it was pretty wild that they just happened to be in my city that day. Then I went to iTunes to buy the song so I could add it to my playlist. (I'm almost done, I promise.) 

The song was #42.

My lucky number is #42. It has been since 4th grade. 

Was it a sign? It certainly wasn't a sign that 30STM was going to skip their show in the Strip District and come to my house to hang out - that didn't happen. But it was still too much for me to ignore. 

So here we are, back where I started the post. I'm back in the zone, and I have My So-Called Life, Jordan Catalano, and 30 Seconds to Mars to thank.

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