Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Save the Hero

On Beyoncé's album I Am... Sacha Fierce, hiding at the #11 spot, was a song that I heard many times, but didn't pay attention to until I really listened to the lyrics.

Linked with the idea of Lucie as a superhero that I presented yesterday, Save the Hero is a haunting song that shows the darker side of that type of power. It didn't make me think of Lucie right away, but now I can't stop thinking of her when I hear it.
Who's there to save the hero
When she's left all alone
And she's crying out for help.
Who's there to save the hero
Who's there to save the girl…
After she saves the world
After hearing those words, I could see Lucie in the middle of her struggle, searching for someone to stand with her. It's a powerful moment for her when she realizes that she is alone and needs to follow through even though she's not sure what to do. And every time the song comes up on my playlist, I remember that I haven't written that scene in the novel yet. I've gotten to the point of the story when it happens, but I haven't done it yet. So for now, that scene is still perfect in my mind, swirling and confusing and painful and lonely. But it's such a defining moment for Lucie, and it made me realize what a strong character she becomes on her journey. I just hope I can do it justice when I put it on the page.

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