Monday, November 22, 2010

Sound of Superman

Writing is always on my mind these days. When I'm not writing, I think about what I need to do the next chance I get with my laptop. When I am writing, I disappear for as long as I can into the world I created. But busy days, especially the days right before Thanksgiving, mean that I can't just sit there and wait for inspiration to strike. I need to make the most of any typing time I find. That's when my playlist makes it happen.

When I was working on the screenplay for Between Souls, I had a long, mixed-up playlist that worked for me. I talked about it back in July (Music as Muse) and explained some of my choices. But I found that I couldn't write the novel version of the story with the same songs. Even though it's the same world, the way I see it is very different now, and the other songs weren't taking me to the new place fast enough. So I searched for something different to take me where I needed to go.

In October, I talked about the first few songs on the new list from 30 Seconds to Mars and Florence and the Machine. The next one to make the list was from one of my all-time favorites - Paramore.

I first heard their version of My Hero on Pandora, and I loved it. A little searching in iTunes and I found it on the Sound of Superman album. Originally by the Foo Fighters, Paramore took an acoustic approach to the song that made me think of Lucie. She is young, she is confused, and she suddenly finds out that she needs to, well, save the world. She is a hero, albeit a reluctant one, and this song helps me remember to describe that part of her the best I can. Like any superhero, she needs to have someone tell her story.

PS -In the interest of finishing what I started with NaBloPoMo, I'm going to spend the last days of November posting about my playlist. That should get me through to December 1st without too much trouble.
PPS - I did not come close to 14K yesterday for NaNoWriMo. Closer to 3K. But 3K is better than No K...


  1. Writing is a great escape. I can't wait to escape to Lucie's world!

  2. Nablopomo AND Nanowrimo? You're a better woman than me! (I'm just surfing the nablopomo blogroll).