Sunday, November 21, 2010

Super Short 11/21 and #NaNoWriMo

Super Short Story Theme - Time

342 email messages later, she cried.
(Super Short Story Explanation)

I think this is my last Super Short Story for the month. I am not as inspired to write them for this upcoming week, although the Thanksgiving theme could be a good one. Rather than forcing awful ones on you, I'll wait to see if inspiration strikes and only include a great one sometime this week. But I am going to keep blogging every day to complete NaBloPoMo.  More on my thoughts about posting every day once this month is over...

NaNoWriMo total for yesterday - 0
I am up to 1131 for this morning, but I need to do about 14K to get to the recommended 35K point today. That seems like a lot, even for a speedy typist like me. But, today may be the best day for a goal like that. Here's to 35K!

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