Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Book Is Available

Exciting news today in the Hess household - my book is available! I have published The Prophecy in multiple formats for you to download and enjoy. New links on the side of this page and at can take you to the sites where it is available.

So as of today, it is available at,, and Smashwords is an ebook publishing site that offers the book in 10 formats, including Sony readers and web page versions for anyone without an ebook reader. I am in the process of publishing in the Apple store for download to the iPad as well. I have also started to create a paperback version of The Prophecy. That will take a little longer, but I'll post updates when it is available.

All three vendors have the option for you to download a free sample before buying, so even if this type of book is not your usual choice, you can check out the beginning. I love that option. I know I'm not the only one who flips through books in a store to see if they are what I want, and the free sample lets me do that online. Love it.

And if you read it and want to spread the word, please do! Feel free to tweet or post on facebook or email as much as possible. And if you sign up for my newsletter, I will have the easy option to do just that at the top of the email. (Click here to sign up - first one goes out on Monday 2/21.)

Thanks to everyone who helped me get this far. It has been an exciting trip, and I can't wait to publish Book Two!

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