Monday, March 28, 2011

Staring Out the Window

I tried to squeeze in a little editing last night before dinner, and I decided to work in the sitting room next to the kitchen. As I often do, I started staring out the windows and I looked at the back yard while I typed. I can imagine the characters interacting in my yard and, as strange as that seems, I can stay in the story longer that way.

Chris noticed my stare and got Sara to look at me, silly mommy, typing without looking at her computer. They both thought it was so funny, but if they only knew how often I typed while looking at something else. At the library, I watch my neighbors check out books. At the bookstore, I watch people order complicated coffees and snacks. In the family room, I end up staring at our Steeler blanket (not sure how that one works, but it does). And if I'm upstairs, I will inevitably turn to the backyard.

Now that I am writing every day, I find that little habits like this one get me into the flow quickly, and I can make more progress in a shorter amount of time. This is essential, especially considering that the release of Book Two, The Chapel, is still slated for late April.

I will try to post more often this week than I did last, but I can't guarantee it. I am on a tight schedule, and if I were to guess based on comments from readers, you would rather have Book Two than multiple blog posts...