Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cheese and Crackers, Lucie!

I love hearing stories about how my book makes its way into the hands of new readers. That's why I loved Rock the DropClick here to read my original post so that you can understand the method behind the madness. Back already? Great - then here's an update:

My first book went to my sister. We were out to lunch to celebrate her birthday, and she did some shopping after lunch. She decided to leave my book, labeled for Rock the Drop, on the counter at a fashionable outlet store. That's the last we saw of it, but we can imagine that it found a home in an equally fashionable young girl's room/backpack/locker.

My second book went to my mom. If you know my mother at all, you know that she has been dreaming of this day. She would drop flyers from airplanes with my photo and website on them if she could. So getting permission to hand out a copy of my book was too good to be true. I think she was downright giddy at the thought.

She decided to wait until just the right moment, so her drop happened the next day. She was in line at a popular bakery/sandwich shop when she saw a mother with a young girl waiting in line. After the initial awkward, "How old are you?" opening, she explained to the eleven-year-old girl and her mother that it was Teen Lit Day and that she wanted to give a copy of my book to the girl. Both the girl and her mother were surprised and excited by the unexpected gift. But the best part of the story is that after a quick glance at the cover and back of the book, the young girl started reading while waiting in line and continued to read as she walked from the store to her car. Mission accomplished, Mom! I'd love to know if the book found a permanent home with her or if it, like Lucie, started traveling...

The last copy of my book went to my friend, Heather. We were also celebrating her birthday at lunch (and the upcoming birthday of her adorable 2-year-old daughter), and she decided to give the book to one of my biggest fans, her oldest son. A fifth grader, he read my book on her Kindle and has wanted the sequel ever since. She told him to give it "to a friend at school." Well, it has gone from one friend to another, and I hope it keeps going.

Her story made me laugh most of all when she told me this:
Seems that the line from the book is... "cheese and crackers, Lucie!" Not bad, when you have 5th grade boys quoting you.
Not bad at all.

Thanks to everyone who helped me Rock the Drop this year. It was great fun, and I already have ideas for a new way to do it next year.

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