Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lazy Days

Everyone needs a break once in a while. I need a break from writing, my kids need a break from me, we all need a break from our fast-paced regular schedule. So this week, we took our break - the kids went to camp, my husband went to work, and I had the house to myself.

His cabin for the week*
The day we dropped them off, I spent all of my energy worrying about them while trying not to worry about them. I knew they were having fun, but nagging thoughts crept into my mind. Would they be able to fall asleep? Would they remember a flashlight if they needed to walk down the path in the dark to the bathroom? Would they miss home and feel alone and miserable?

Blurry pic of her bunk*
The second day I managed to stop most of those thoughts from disturbing my quiet time. I made a to-do list that was completely unrealistic, and I stuck to it for a couple of hours. I dusted. I cleaned the bathrooms. I did laundry. I edited my book. And then I hit the wall.

I realized that I needed to stop trying to do my usual schedule while they were away. I could have forced myself to continue, but I would have missed out on a chance to really recharge and refresh. So I stopped.

I had a lovely lunch while I read my new Kindle. I put a few loads of laundry away, but didn't worry about the remaining clothes. I walked slowly through the grocery store for the first time in years. And I went out to dinner with my husband three nights in a row - unbelievable!

I have to admit that some guilt crept into my days, and I certainly still thought about the kids, but something else happened. I started working on my projects again, this time because I wanted to, not because I had to. And I enjoyed it much more. I solved three problems in my latest book. I came up with a new cover design. I hid from Twitter and Facebook, knowing how easy it would be to spend the entire day there, and I read and read and read. I took notes on what styles of writing appeal to me. And I reviewed my recent writing to find what I liked and didn't like about my own style.

In the end, I had three lazy days of summer until it was time to pick up my daughter at camp on Wednesday, but I accomplished quite a lot. So I plan to add these breaks to my schedule as much as possible each month. I have a feeling I'll get more done that way. And by the way, the kids had an amazing time at camp. They came home dirty, exhausted, and begging to go for a longer time next summer.

*Photo note* - The pics are blurry because the kids didn't want me to take any pictures when we dropped them off at camp. These were my attempts at stealthy photos - blurry, but still memories to keep.


  1. Wow. Sounds like you found your rhythm again. What a lovely way to spend a week! In the past, I've taken weekends at a local B&B to finish up a book or just rejuvinate my writer's spirit. But it's been a LONG time since I've done it. After reading this, I'm ready to try it again. :)

  2. Anita - My only fear is that I'll like stopping too much and not want to start again! Especially when editing, I find I need more time for breaks than work in order to get through and stay sane.