Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wishful Thinking

35,000 words. That's where I wanted to be by the end of my writing session today. I fell short.

Does it matter how short? Sometimes I don't think so. Sometimes it seems like hitting the goal is more important than how I got there. It's more important that the quality of the words, the flow of the thoughts, the beauty of the images. I know you're supposed to just keep writing, don't look back, get those words on the page (or the screen). But I struggle with the balance.

How do you keep the balance? Do you accept that there are going to be sections of your writing that you will hate, delete and make you question your sanity come December? Or do you go back, revise as you write, make it more like what you like to read?


  1. You make it more what you would like to read :)


  2. Writing is such a process, that balance wavers sometimes between new writing and revising, revising ... Happy writing to you :)