Thursday, June 7, 2012


Three. Days. Left. That's it. I only have three more days until the kids are here and not in school.

I've tried to come up with some ways to keep us all sane and entertained that do not include having the tv and computer on all day. Some are chore-like and boring, but some seem fun, even to me.

I gave my kids a challenge as we finish the last few days of school: pick a project that will take until the end of June to finish. It can be anything creative like building something, making a movie, writing a book, painting, drawing, etc. You get the point. Tonight at dinner they are to present their list of things they need to get this project started. And then every day starting with their first day off, they are to spend two hours working on it (at least).

My hope is that they will be so inspired by their freedom to create that they will spend more than two hours working on it each day - thus giving me more time to write each day. And I hope that they will enjoy the project so much that they will think even BIGGER for July - they'll have a whole month to complete something new. I'll keep you posted as we go along.

Uh oh - I hear the printer starting. Time to see what they have in mind...


  1. My kids are grown now, but I remember feeling a bit of dread when summer vacation arrived. That's a great idea about challenging them to create. I hope you'll post updates!