Sunday, August 25, 2013

fresh words

It's been a long time. Too long. Five months too long to be exact.

What have I been doing for five months?

Writing? No.

And here's the proof:

Stuffed animals. Books. Old lamps. I don't think I could get to the chair, much less sit in it.

Last fall, we repainted and redesigned my son's room. This month we did my daughter's. And everything that they have outgrown but can't part with (yet) is in my office. On and around my desk.

I'm certainly not blaming them. And I have found other places to work on my laptop. But this is my writing space. Or was.

Not to worry - school starts tomorrow *happy dance* and this is the very first thing on my list. I hope to get it back to this:

Maybe even cleaner. I'm all about empty space right now. Not that you could tell from my office. But in my head, it's very clear what I need to do.

I hope you've been writing more than I have. Or reading incredible books this summer. Enjoying the air and the sunshine, and savoring the way time feels when school days are not driving us forward every moment.

And here's more good news: the stories are back. While I cook dinner. As I fold laundry. Driving to the park, stories fill my mind. I say phrases out loud in the shower. I whisper as I tend the garden. The words swirl and swirl. They are fresh and new and plentiful.
This is going to be fun...


  1. Hi Alison,
    My writing study is being tidied for action as I type!.Your post was directly responsible,especially as I recovered my lovely desk from clutter town.
    Been writing a novel a year now...the END is in sight,love from Ireland,


  2. I hope you're having more luck than I am, Mark. I have found my desk, but now I am surrounded by nicely organized piles of stuff. Slowly but surely :) - Alison

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