Friday, January 3, 2014


We had an unusual week with the New Year holiday, one day of school, then the day off today for cold weather. But hubby and I still managed to watch a fair number of movies this week.

Strangest Feeling At The End - Devil's Pass on Netflix

Even though I knew where the story was headed, I was still surprised by my reaction to the twist at the end. Unsettled is the best way to describe it. Without giving it away, I wanted to know more about the secret place and who had been there in the past. But I thought they threw in a bit too much information about other paranormal events instead of focusing on the one that meant the most. 

I have to say that of the "Student Filmmakers Who Get Lost, Yet They Manage to  Film All of the Bad Stuff That Happens To Them" films I've seen, I liked the beginning of this one the best. And I liked Holly, our main character and film narrator. Even in the end, I liked her.

Almost Great - Europa Report on Netflix

A really, really long trip on a space ship is never a good idea. That's what I've learned from every movie I've seen about deep space exploration. But this one was a little different. It had one scientist on Earth narrate what happened, how they found out what happened, etc. And it was super convenient that all of those on-board cameras captured every moment we needed to see. It seemed like the same old story. But it wasn't.

The last 15 minutes were so close to being great. They really made up for the middle when I was pretty bored. And I loved Rosa, the quiet one who shocked me the most.

Full disclosure - we actually fell asleep for the end (it was VERY late), but we watched the last 20 minutes the next day and I'm glad we did! Best part, by far.

 Not Worth Staying Up Late - The Final on Netflix

Seriously? 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix?

I am confused.

Sad and depressed kids who decide to kill their classmates who teased and bullied them? Oh, not kill, just torture until they may or may not die. Editing errors. Unlikeable main characters. Unrealistic minor characters. Agonizing resolutions.

I am still confused.

Bullying is awful, no question. But an eye for an eye? A bit too biblical for me. 

Who gave this movie so many stars? I want my time back.

Ready for the Sequel - Man of Steel on Blu Ray