Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I noticed something about the last 10 or so posts I've made here: they are weird. As I've spent the last year or so fighting with myself, wondering if I should "be a writer" or not, I've been fighting with this blog, too. It's not good.

Then I noticed a number of photos are missing. Links broken. I think I know why, but I don't know if I'll get them back in place or not. So for now, I've changed the format here a bit.

There will only be one post on the home page.

If you dare to dig deeper than this point, I can't promise you'll like what you see.

And I will post something of value every Tuesday.

Whether or not you agree there is value may keep me up at night, but regardless, my post will have value to me.

That's the best I can do until I either win or lose the "writer" war. Thanks for hanging in there while I try to find my focus.

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