Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Boring Part

Am I writing? Yes, I am.

I had a record number of people ask me about my writing this weekend. Maybe it was because I was at a few parties and events with friend I hadn't seen for a while, but it seemed like I was telling the same story over and over.

It was a boring story.

I wish I had something exciting to say like, "I found an editor/agent/publisher who can't wait to work with me!" or "The publishing date is xxxx!" or the biggest dream of them all: "They're turning my book into a movie!"

I'm not really using a Remington. No delete button.
Someday. But not today. Today I am doing the work-work. I'm writing and rewriting. I'm finding weak spots, highlighting them, and hoping my whole manuscript isn't highlighted when I'm done. I'm removing words that are unnecessary, annoying or just plain wrong. (Just being one of those words I eliminated today...)

So even though I don't have anything exciting to reply, I do appreciate the questions and the interest in my writing. Because I know that someday I will have something exciting to say. So thank you.

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