Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Legs not to scale.
 Every summer, I promise that I will get back to writing. It seems like the perfect time. No school, no schedule.

Every summer, I am so wrong.

There is a schedule, and because there is no school, it is not something that can easily fit on a calendar. We have sleepovers, driveway basketball, music lessons, sport camps and "free time," all trying to fit in one square. I spend more time than I care to admit trying to determine how many minutes I have before I need to get back in the car, either to pick up or drop off or squeeze something in before the next thing.

But hanging over all of this is the shadow of what I want to do.

I try each summer to fill those gaps of time with writing. I wish I could say that it has worked and that my days are full of small productive moments that lead to the completion of big tasks.

Because just like the flowers in my yard, my efforts are deceiving. It looks good, and sounds good, to say that I am back to work, writing and editing. But unless there is an actual product that is clear and defined, not falling apart with gaping holes, I'm not getting anywhere.

I need to push past the shadows and make some real progress.

Have you been stuck like me? Stalled, even though you want to do more, write more, become more? Help a girl out - how did you get past the shadows and make something real?

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