Wednesday, August 19, 2015

PS: Thank You For Your Email

Dear Thomas,

I received your email concerning my choice of names for my books. Thank you for bringing to my attention that your project and my series title are almost identical. And I was flattered that you mentioned my books and those of J.K. Rowling in the same sentence. But let me put your worries to rest. If the day should come that my books would approach the popularity of hers, I will make all efforts to keep our paths separate and distinct, allowing you to continue your project for many, many more years.

Beyond that, I was more interested in a question you posed to me early in your email. You asked what the words mean to me. I am not sure why my intentions behind those specific words are cause for concern, but I'm happy to answer your question. I chose the names for each book, and the series as a whole, after planning the entire path that Lucie must take. Like any of us, some days she thinks that she can do it all on her own, without any help. And other days seem impossible, and she wants to stand back and let someone else do the work for her.

Ultimately, Lucie comes to realize that she needs to do a little of both. We all need to do some things on our own, but we need to recognize those times that we truly need help. Occasionally, we get it backward and find ourselves worse off than when we started. But this back and forth, these ups and downs, are what make us the interesting and complicated souls that we are.

Thank you for your email, Thomas. It made me pause and remember my intentions. I hope this explanation has helped you understand my use of these words that you cherish. And I must smile as I think that they did their job -- they brought our souls together for a brief moment.


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