Wednesday, August 12, 2015

PS: What She's Having

She loves to go out to eat. But it takes her much longer than everyone else to decide what to order.

She has to consider what she ate yesterday. And what she might eat tomorrow. What she had last time she was out. And what would taste good if she took it home to finish later.

She watches the rest of the table as they chat, their decisions already made.

She looks at the tables nearby. That one looks to her like the salmon special. No fish today - she had fish yesterday. She notices the lady who got the salad with avocado and it's huge! She doesn't want that anymore.

"What are you having?" she asks her daughter.

"The chicken sandwich with potato salad."

She reads the description on the menu. It sounds good, but it has barbeque sauce. She was in the mood for something mild and creamy.

The waiter comes to the table with their drinks. She knows time is short.

"Ready to order?" he asks.

They all look at her. She nods, even though she has no idea. "You go first," she says as she points to her grandson.

Each order sounds more delicious than the last. Each meal is a delight that someone else will get to enjoy.

Her daughter orders the chicken sandwich. Now it's her turn. She flips the pages, pretending to look for the item she wants. Then she closes the menu and looks directly at the waiter.

"I'll have the same," she says. The waiter nods and scribbles on his pad. He takes her menu and walks away.

"What did you order?" her grandson asks.

"What she's having," she says, pointing to her daughter, his mother, as she reaches for the bread basket.

"And what's that?" he asks.

"I don't know, but I'm sure it will be good," she says. He laughs and takes the piece of bread she offers him.

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